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Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 0 ong 1082LN Amsterdam

Amount € 515.000 

Year of construction
Floor space
77 m²
Number of rooms


Have you been looking for a new development in Buitenveldert but haven't been able to find one? In that case, we would like to invite you to consider our latest project. Unique!

The developer has been given the opportunity to build an extra level with apartments on top of an existing apartment building. The best of both: a new and comfortable home with the character of a mature neighborhood in immediate proximity to countless amenities, in a lush and leafy setting.

A peek behind the scenes.
The apartments will be built on the existing building with the house numbers 737-799. And the transformation starts at the central entrance. The developer will upgrade the entrance, install an elevator and create an overall contemporary look and feel.

The new residential level will encompass a total of 10 apartments, with one smaller unit of approximately 53 sqm and 9 units spanning approximately 77 sqm. At the moment there are still 5 apartments left of approximately 77sqm. The other apartments have already been sold in the pre-sale phase.

What can you expect from these apartments? Will there be a lot of work left to do following conveyance? Thankfully, no. The developer would like to convey the apartments with sound basic finishes, and offer buyers the option to choose full turn-key delivery as supplemental work. So that you can move in and start to enjoy your new home straight away.

All apartments will feature a balcony, two bedrooms, a living room over the full width of the unit with an open-plan kitchen and a bathroom with a walk-in shower and vanity. The ca. 53 sqm apartment will have one bedroom.

The objective is to start construction in December 2021, and to convey the apartments in Q2/Q3 2022. Akor is the contractor.

In the listing, we have included a floorplan of a 3-room apartment and have added Artist Impressions for a more complete conceptualization.

We can also add:
- turn-key conveyance means; kitchen and bathroom fixtures and as an additional option flooring and plastered/painted walls. Simply fit your window treatments and move in!
- buyer has a time window to change the color scheme of the kitchen and bathroom within the scope of given alternatives (via Carpentier)
- prices are v.o.n. (closing costs payable by seller) based on settled ground lease until 2086
- units will be fitted with a natural gas central heating kettle
- current elevator will be replaced with the largest possible model
- central lobby will be renovated
- these units will be created by adding an extra level to the building, which means the roof will also be renewed
- option to create a roof deck on the building is still being explored, this is not included in the current prices.
- ceiling height approximately 2.60 m
- given NEN measurements are based on the blueprints
- The HOA is already established, estimated monthly service charges of Ä 200
- possibility of buyer guidance from the Carpentier
- project notary is Hartman L.M.H.

Self-occupancy obligation:
Self-occupancy obligation applies to new-build owner-occupied homes and transformations from 8 July 2020. This means that the leaseholder (buyer) is not allowed to rent out the apartment. This is only possible with prior written permission from the municipality in the following cases:
i. Rental of the apartment to family in the first degree;
ii. Rental of the apartment once every 5 years for a limited period of at least three months and at most 2 years, if the leaseholder can prove that he is staying abroad;
iii. Rental of the apartment for a total rent that does not exceed the limit for medium-price rent, whereby there may be no obligation to purchase a parking space. This maximum rent is Ä1,040.73 per month when the ground lease is changed and is indexed annually on 1 January in accordance with the annual change in the consumer price index (CPI) series for all households as published by Statistics Netherlands annually in January for the previous calendar year. .
iv. It is possible to deviate from special cases if the purpose and scope of the letting ban entail unforeseen and unreasonably disadvantageous consequences.

What's next?
As is the case with every new development project, a pre-sale percentage will also apply before the construction commences, we now start with the sale again after the presale phase. In the presale phase reservations agreements have already been signed ( 50% ) and it is still possible to register for the apartments still available.

Effectively, this means that buyers can commit to a 3-month period for a sum of Ä 1500, and subsequently sign a purchase/ contract agreement. At that time, commencement of construction will be certain and all documentation will be finalized. This includes the draft deed of transfer, amended deed of property division and blueprints and the technical specifications which will serve as a contract document.

As the realtor, it would be our pleasure to provide further information and clarification, also with respect to the finishes and the overall process.

If you've become curious, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Entry date
Accepting (an offer or contract)
By mutual agreement


Type of house/apartment
Upper-floor apartment
Construction type
New development
Year of construction

Surface Area and Volume

Floor space
77 m²


Total number of rooms
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MVA neighbourhood information: Buitenveldert-West

Buitenveldert is the most southern part of Amsterdam South. The neighbourhood has a lot of contrasts. Buitenveldert characteristics itself by the amount of space and green facilities available in the area. There are many facilities and shopping centre for example the Gerderlandplaza. The houses are relatively big and the neighbourhood has many above-average aged people. The neighbourhood scores well on the safety scale. Although the safety is good, the social cohesion isnít that strong. The Zuidas part of Amsterdam is a dynamic area, which is in full development. Originally the focus was on making this part of Amsterdam a high level office complex, but now the focus is more on making it a residential area. There arenít that many inhabitants yet, but the new building concepts are designed to improve that. There will be an elementary school and several other facilities available, which will make this part of Amsterdam a unique location.

Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 0 ong 1082LN Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the largest Dutch city, the capital of the Netherlands, and the nation's financial, business, cultural and commercial capital as well. Since its founding in the 12th century, Amsterdam has evolved from a small fishing village into one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age. Museums like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh and the Stedelijk also give Amsterdam serious cultural credibility. Amsterdam's compact size, cycling lifestyle, diverse population (more than 170 nationalities), English-speaking natives, abundance of green space, reliable public transportation system and central location within Europe mean it's not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to live.

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When you enlist the services of a purchasing agent who is affiliated with the MVA or NVM, you can be sure he or she knows all the ins and outs of the relevant market. Especially when housing prices are volatile, you can be assured that your estate agent is taking all the necessary factors into account.

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Buying an apartment in Amsterdam is different from buying a house or a detached villa. In case of an apartment, you do not only have neighbours to your left and right, but often also above or underneath you. That means the ground on which the property is located belongs to multiple people. This can lead to complications when you’re trying to figure out the extra costs before buying the apartment.

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