NVM brokers are constantly developing and expanding the services they offer. Over the next few months, the MVA Certified Expat Brokers are adding yet another few extras to their services. At the end of October, the NVM will start a pilot to enhance the sustainability of owner-occupied houses. De Vries Robbé Makelaars from The Hague is one of the participating real estate agencies. Jan Kokje, director of De Vries Robbé Makelaardij and MVA Certified Expat Broker, has over 33 years of experience in buying, selling, taxating and renting homes. He is also chairman of NVM Haaglanden. Jan will tell you more about the advice tool for creating a more sustainable home.

Jan Kokje

More and more questions about sustainability

”We are noticing an increasing amount of consumers asking about ways to make their home more sustainable. Therefore, the NVM has taken it upon herself to develop an advice tool for this purpose, together with two partners: SamenGroen (software) and Reinmarkt (execution). The tool uses the specifications of the property as documented by our real estate agents to formulate a preliminary sustainability advice.”

What does the advice contain?

”The advice report details which potential steps can be taken to adapt the property. It also lists some concrete measures that can be taken, including a preliminary indication of their costs by Reinmarkt. Therefore, we can immediately include the advice in the property’s sale documents. This way it’s easy for potential buyers to start thinking about sustainability”, Jan explains.

Is the advice tool available for buyers, too?

”Yes, the advice tool is also available for buyers”, Jan says. “They receive their own login details from us to start using the tool. The first advice report and the corresponding sustainability advice are based on the details of the property and the average energy usage (gas and electricity) of a family. After that, however, buyers can also create a custom-made report, tailored to their own situation and wishes. This report can be discussed with Reinmarkt, and, if desired, executed by them.”

”The pilot is meant to facilitate the process for consumers in the best way possible, by linking different partners in the chain in an efficient way. As real estate agents, we realise that we can play a central and advising role in this process. Eventually, this could be implemented in the entire Dutch owner-occupied housing market, not just in the expat branch.”

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