With one foot in the new decade, one of the most important subjects of 2020 will be access to data. Compared with other European countries, the Netherlands provide a big selection of tools to gather information. Lukas Melisse, MVA Certified Expat Broker, will tell you all about the various sources your agent can consult for you.

Lukas Melisse

One of the most important tools for an agent is Realworks. This piece of software is only accessible for members of the Dutch association of real estate brokers (NVM). It has been collecting data for over 15 years now, and provides your agent with information about all property-related transactions, including purchase price, pictures and surface area. With this system, your agent is able to make an accurate analysis of any property based on prices per square meter.

Thanks to Napoleon, the Dutch have the ‘Kadaster’, which registers all data in the land registry. All deeds from any notary that are relevant for properties can be requested with just one click. Agents can consult this registry to request the plot size, deeds of division, deeds of ownership and to check the legal status of properties such as monuments and protected areas.

Other available data for your certified expat broker is the online database with local destination plans, polluted areas, energy labels, the Chamber of Commerce numbers and the tax value of residential properties.

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