Pascal de Roo, MVA Certified Expat Broker and estate agent at ZO makelaars, explains why living in the city of Delft is so appealing.

Pascal de Roo

‘Delft has the advantages of a city, but the feel of a village’, says De Roo. ‘It has been called ‘little Amsterdam’ before. I bet you know which colour put Delft on the international map! Exactly, Delft Blue. The pottery was first created in the 16th century as an alternative for the expensive blue-and-white Chinese porcelain. Different to Chinese porcelain, however, Delftware is not made from china clay, but from carefully mixed clay, paints and glazing. A different trade, and truly Dutch.’

‘Apart from that, one of the best technical universities in the world is situated on our grounds’, says Pascal. ‘There are some great current-day examples of their work, like the Solar challenge, or the Ocean Cleanup, which is a new project by the Delft-based Boyan Slat. With his team, the Ocean Cleanup, he created a kind of giant vacuum cleaner. The Interceptor, as the machine is called, floats on rivers and aims to collect trash that’s floating by. This way, it tries to prevent trash even reaching the ocean.’

Back in the day, Delft was a vibrant painter’s town, as illustrated by the famous paintings below.

‘In many famous paintings, the city of Delft or important inhabitants of the city play an important role’, says Pascal.

  • Johannes Vermeer, Gezicht op Delft (1658), Mauritshuis Den Haag
  • Johannes Vermeer, Het straatje (1661), Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  • Maarten van Heemskerck, Portret van Johannes Colmannus (ca. 1538-1540), Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Colmannus was the rector of the St-Agatha monastery.
  • Jan Steen, Adolf en Catharina Croeser, also known as ‘The mayor of Delft and his daughter’ (1655), Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; Adolf Croeser was a grain trader from Delft. On the painting, the street along de Oude Delft is depicted.

You’re more than welcome to come and visit Delft as a tourist, and Pascal would love to show you around.

‘Would you like to know more about living in our beautiful city? Let’s have a cup of coffee or tea in our historical city-centre’, says Pascal. ‘I’m sure you will fall in love with our picturesque city, too.’

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