The housing market in Holland can be really hectic and slightly overwhelming. The rules and regulations for acquiring real estate might also be different from what you are used to. Els Verpoorten, MVA Certified Expat Broker at Eefje Voogd Makelaardij, will tell you all about it. In her blog below you can read about the current real estate market for expats.

Els Verpoorten

How to get around the city

What to do? First of all: get a good pair of sneakers! You will need them to ride comfortably on a bicycle which will be your new best friend while getting around in the city. Plus, it is the perfect way to avoid those killer parking rates in the city and start exploring your new hometown. Go ahead, do some sightseeing and find your favourite hotspots!

Finding your dream home

Once you are ready to start your new home search, the most important question to ask yourself is where you would like to live? When you have figured that out, I suggest that you visit an MVA Expat Broker who can explain more about the application process for renting or buying a property. They will listen to your needs and can help you determine the factors that are the most important in your situation; schools, public transport, shops etc.? While each situation is different, it is always important to be informed about the specific rules in the Netherlands before you can settle into your dream home.

Note: If you have kids, the school district you live in usually determines which school you can apply for. Therefore, this might be an important topic to discuss with your expat broker before deciding on your favourite neighbourhood.

Significant demand

Whether you are looking to rent or buy, you will notice in both cases that there is a high demand in today’s market. Although it might make you uncomfortable, you have to keep in mind that to get the property you want, you will need to move fast and make an offer. You should also realise that you are most probably not the only one making an offer.

Run, Forrest, Run!

This is mostly due to the fact that the mortgage rate remains quite low and there is a lack of housing inventory. Your broker will guide you through the steps of placing the offer and what to do next. Even after succeeding with your offer, you will have to keep up a good pace. During this time, you will need to sort out all the paperwork; finalize the financials or mortgage, sign the contract, have the house valued etc.

Fortunately, a specialised MVA Expat Broker knows exactly what to do and will help you navigate the entire process. The broker is there until the end when you will finally receive the keys, and you can kick off those trainers and relax in your new home.

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