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De Wissel 14 8232DP Lelystad

Price on request € 27.650 per year


De Wissel 14 is located in the center of Lelystad and is one of Lelystad's main shopping streets. The street is the connecting piece between the Agorahof and the Neringpassage. The center of Lelystad has a diverse range of shops and leisure establishments. The store is located in one of the busiest shopping streets in Lelystad and within walking distance of Lelystad Central.

In addition, various popular retailers are located in the shopping area, such as the following stores:
- Etos
- Sailor
- Kruidvat
- WE
- Blokker
- Jamin
- Hunkemöller
- C&A
- See
- terStal
- Big Bazar
- vanHaren
- OPEN32

About 158 sqm GLFA

In general, the leased property consists of a shell retail space. The object will be delivered in its current state:
- Bare construction floor
- Basic sprinkler network
- Building ceiling
- Façade
- Building walls

Rental price and payment term
Rental price on request.

Service and promotion costs
The advance service costs for Wissel 14 amounts to € 2,692.58 per year, to be increased with VAT. The advance amount will be based on a deductible advance per year, with subsequent calculation based on actual use / costs actually incurred. The additional deliveries and services to be provided by or on behalf of the lessor (“service costs”) will be charged simultaneously with the rent and promotion costs.

By or on behalf of the lessor, the delivery of goods and services may include (but are not limited to):
Service costs overview:
1. Center and management facilities;
2. Technical service / caretaker;
3. Electricity;
4. Gas / heat;
5. Cleaning;
6. Automatic doors and shutters;
7. Mechanical installation;
8. Electronic installation;
9. Costs of service cost management

Accessibility retail units and supplies
Store is supplied from the rear.

The shopping area has a (public) parking garage, the Agoradek, which is located on the Agoraweg. The 263 parking spaces are available to consumers as paid parking, but also to subscription holders, including retailers.

Lease term, extension and cancellation
A rental period is preferably 5 years, with an extension of 5 years each time.

Rent adjustment
The rent will be adjusted annually on the basis of the change in the monthly price index according to the consumer price index (CPI) series CPI-All Households (2015 = 100), published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

At the start of the lease, the tenant will provide the landlord with a bank guarantee in the amount of three months' rent, including service costs, promotion costs and VAT.

Model rental agreement
Standard rental agreement based on the ROZ model (2012) including general provisions, supplemented with lessor conditions and complex-specific provisions.

In consultation
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Entry date


Type of property
Retail space
Construction type
Existing property
Year of construction

Surface Area and Volume

Surface area retail space
158 m²
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De Wissel 14 8232DP Lelystad

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Lelystad is a a city that breathes freedom, nature and water. There is space for everyone here. It is a city in the centre of the Netherlands, and the capital of the province of Flevoland. Lelystad is a surprisingly green and adventurous regional capital. One with a beautiful and unique coast line, with aesthetically pleasing residence quarters and facilities. The city, built on reclaimed land, was founded in 1967 and named after Cornelis Lely, who engineered the Afsluitdijk.

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