Loenen is a village in the municipality of Stitchtse Vecht, in the province of Utrecht. The village is situated along both the Vecht river and the Amsterdam-Rijn canal. In the middle of the village, you can find the 56-metre-tall church tower, which was based on the Dom tower in Utrecht. The tower was built around 1500 and restored after a heavy fire in 1945. In the historical village centre, you can also find old and authentic little streets with picturesque houses. These are mainly monumental properties whose original characteristics have been preserved. Around the outskirts of the centre, you’ll find more recently developed single-family homes. These were built in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s of last century. The majority are terraced houses, but the view also includes detached and semi-detached houses.

Loenen is situated in the triangle between Hilversum, Utrecht and Amsterdam. The village is easily accessible by car: within a few car minutes, you’ll find yourself on the A2 highway. Within 15 minutes, you can be in either Amsterdam, Hilversum or Utrecht.

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