There are over 250.000 leasehold properties in Amsterdam that are eligible for the transfer arrangement. So what to do when you’re confused? Exactly: call your estate agent.

MVA Leasehold Experts are aware of all the existing rules, the terms, the things you’ll have to consider, the restrictions and the loose ends of the arrangement.

What is your leasehold’s value, how to value it, and what to do if there aren’t any reference objects available? These are all matters on which an MVA Leasehold Expert can advise you.

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MVA Leasehold Analysis

Leasehold tool for homeowners in Amsterdam

The Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (MVA) helps to inform homeowners about the option to switch to perpetual leasehold: the MVA Leasehold Analysis was developed for this purpose. During 2019, the Municipality of Amsterdam grants an extra discount of 10% (a total discount of 35%) to homeowners who make the switch. From 2020 onwards, this extra discount won’t apply anymore. Additionally, the municipality will only apply the lower WOZ value until the end of this year.

Why was the MVA Leasehold Analysis developed?

Leasehold is a complicated topic for many inhabitants of Amsterdam. It’s something they would rather postpone. Many people have to deal with it eventually, however, and this requires the right kind of help and information. The MVA believes that leaseholders should be informed properly about the different transfer options, and does this on account of a feeling of social responsibility. Doing nothing is not an option in 2019, which is why the Leasehold Analysis was developed.

The Leasehold Analysis gives consumers the opportunity to explore all their possibilities, together with a special MVA estate agent. This is essential for everyone who lives on leasehold land in Amsterdam, or is interested in buying property.

How to request a report?

A report can be requested by an MVA estate agent via the Members Only section. When requesting a report, the estate agent needs to provide certain information. This information concerns the leasehold and is unique to each property. If possible, homeowners are supposed to gather and provide this information themselves. This can be done with help of the data form. The report can be requested in either Dutch or English by MVA estate agents.


Consumer price: € 250, - (incl. VAT)

Report variations

Because not all inhabitants are in the same situation, two different versions of the report have been developed; the Standard report and the AB1994 report.

Examples of both can be downloaded in PDF format below.

Data form

To conduct the MVA Leasehold Analysis, certain data is needed. This data can be submitted in the online portal when requesting the report. Gathering this data can take some time. However, the aim is to keep the analysis affordable for as many of Amsterdam’s inhabitants as possible.

Download the data form

That is why the decision was made to have homeowners collect the data themselves, when possible. The MVA has developed the data form for this purpose. The data form is an Excel template. Each required entry field also explains where this information can be found.

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