Nootdorp is a village in the municipality Pijnacker-Nootdorp. Nootdorp is very close to The Hague, Pijnacker and Delft. Just like Pijnacker, Nootdorp has a long history, which can be seen from its old buildings, the church in the village centre and the mill. The modern shopping centre Parade, in the middle of Nootdorp, has been built with the past in mind. The centre has been constructed on the old racetrack, and is shaped like a horseshoe. Nootdorp also boasts some beautiful sports centres and a library. There are plenty of education facilities as well, including kindergartens, day-care centres, primary schools and a secondary school. There is greenery and water in abundance, too. The Biesland forest, the Balij forest and the Dobbe lake are just around the corner.

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