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Recreatie-eiland Westeinderplassen 0 ong 1431AB Aalsmeer

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Spend this holidays in your own country? It is possible with this recreation island on the westeinderplassen.

The island is located near the Koddespoel, easily accessible from the various marinas on the Uiterweg. The island is adjacent to a cultivation field on one side and a recreation area on the other. The wide 'dam' ditch 'lies on one side of the island and offers a nice view of passing boats in the summer. The jetty is on the other side, on a non-continuous ditch. So it is nice and quiet here. Privacy or liveliness. Both can be chosen. There are beautiful large trees and a large lawn in the middle.

The island is in a good state of repair, the grass was been seeded again last year. The facing is also in a fair condition. There is a wooden jetty and a boat ramp. There is a hole in the scaffolding that needs to be repaired. The wooden shed is for storing garden tools, chairs and cushions.

The pictures give you a good idea of ??the island. You are cordially invited to sail along the island but, at the request of the owners, not to enter it without having made an appointment with our office.

1) Why is this plot registered as building land?
Unfortunately, there is no registration option for 'recreation islands', because this actually only occurs in a number of places in the Netherlands. In order to be able to offer this anyway, we must register it as building land. However, the text quickly shows that it is a recreational island and not a building plot.

2) Are there connections for gas, water, electricity and / or sewerage?
No, none of this is present. These islands used to be agricultural fields for lilac and strawberry cultivation, among other things. There has never been any reason to establish such connections on these plots. Most of the plots are located far away from connection points for these facilities. Many owners have solved this by, among other things, gas bottles, generators and chemical toilets.

3) Can I stay on it permanently?
No, officially only 48 consecutive hours, during the recreation season from May to October.

4) Can I build a chalet or house there?
No, according to the zoning plan, no buildings are allowed, except for what is already present on the plot. In other words; the wooden shed that stands now could be replaced, but only for something with the same dimensions. Placing a wooden storage box is allowed, for example to store the garden chairs, but no more than that.
But there are islands that do have houses on it, what do you mean there?
A few years ago, the municipality decided to tolerate the buildings that are present on plots at that time, but not to give permission for new buildings to be built or to have them built. If you want to be sure of your options, please contact the Municipality of Aalsmeer, Building & Living department.

5) How can I get to the island by car?
It is only possible to get to the island by boat. There are several marinas along the Uiterweg where you could moor your boat (for a fee) and sail from there to the island. It is also possible to rent a boat at various locations around the Westeinderplassen.

6) I am interested, can I visit the island?
Yes, you can visit the island on your own. Would you like to know where the island is via Google Maps? For then the following coordinates in: 52 15'13.8 "N 4 43'24.0" E

If you have any questions regarding this text or your visit to the island, please contact our office: 0297-344 444 or [email protected]
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Recreatie-eiland Westeinderplassen 0 ong 1431AB Aalsmeer

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Aalsmeer is the flower capital of the world. The flower auction, created by the merger of two smaller auction houses, has put Aalsmeer on the map as the ‘flower capital of the world’. Nowadays it is a very popular tulip viewing destination. It is a beautiful place to walk or cycle. Aalsmeer is a town in the Dutch province of North Holland, has 31,584 inhabitants (2018) and has an area of 34.40 km² (of which 11.71 km² of water). By bus it is only a 30-minute ride to Amsterdam. Schiphol Airport is nearby.

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