The Hague

The Hague is a remarkable city. Not only because the Dutch government is based here, but also because of its many monuments, historical neighbourhoods and proximity to the shore. The Hague is known as the ‘royal city by the sea’, and is also called the residential city, because many members of the royal family reside here. At the Plein and the Grote Markt, you can find plenty of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and department stores, which are bustling with activity seven days a week. In addition, The Hague offers a lot of world-renowned art and culture.

Finally, The Hague proves that a modern skyline and a historical inner city can go hand in hand. The beach of Scheveningen, the most famous bathing place on the Dutch shore, is a true treat. Here you can sunbathe in summer and take long walks in winter. With attractions like Madurodam and the Omniversum, The Hague also provides ample entertainment for younger audiences.

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